»Quocthinh.pro is an entertainment service for you passionate mobile game, do not encourage children under 8 years. We are committed to all games that we provide absolutely no malware or viruses. You can download the game in peace of mind. Each individual should create an in-game account and play the game. After registering you will receive 1 account and not reveal the account to others.

The above games are the spirit of entertainment, not passionate about gambling or learning by game. Gaming time encourages you to play in your spare time, does not affect your work or study. All of the above conditions must be complied with with us. Any questions you do not need to hesitate to contact us, to answer your questions.

»Membership and registration to open an account in the game website:

When through Quocthinh.pro participate in entertainment, use for entertainment, the user must follow the procedures outlined in the game website to complete the membership application and open an account (Register membership). The customer must commit and confirm, when the user registers and becomes a member with all information and documents provided including first & last name, financial resources (including bank name and account number Item) and the address on the membership application form are practical, accurate and complete. Quocthinh.pro will take appropriate and necessary measures to secure documents and personal information provided by customers, we will be strict in keeping the number of documents, information and papers strictly confidential. obtained from the client’s side, unless laws, regulations, statutes, courts, custodians, any entertainment-related regulators, law enforcement orders and decision or terms require must be public. The customer is solely responsible for the confidentiality of the person. We reserve the right to pay us to the extent necessary after being serviced by the game website to the financial institution about the rights and interests of the user. use when personal information and data are made public. Customer is also solely responsible and confirms the use and connection of the game website and all other game information, software downloaded and installed and / or used and participating in the service. The game case is not legally bound by the customer. In order to verify the user’s membership, we need the user to provide the identification and age of the user (e.g. photo ID, or loan card or credit card (used), users provide original documents if there is any change to promptly notify us, to verify the user’s full name and address, Quocthinh.pro reserves the right to send By mail to verify the user’s full name and address, Quocthinh.pro decides to verify the documents provided by the customer in another form, the user agrees to this regulation, i.e. Quocthinh.pro expressly agrees to connect, use, process and store any identification or verification results. We reserve the absolute right on the basis of denying users to register for membership for any reason. We are responsible for the online website published by the website in Quocthinh.pro. When members log in and connect to websites such as Quocthinh.pro resulting in other losses, we are not responsible, if there are any other questions, please contact our online customer service staff. we; If there has been a breach of our website or the providers we cooperate with / the website terms and game rules, the login will not be accepted. If any such type of account is detected, then we will close the account and withdraw all winnings and residues. The customer can open an account at Quocthinh.pro. If we find that a user in Quocthinh.pro is not only opening one account, we reserve the right to arbitrarily decide in the processing of all accounts in Quocthinh.pro merged into a single account. most, cancel redundant accounts or terminate contracts / agreements with customers.

»Payment method when downloading the game:

– We do not charge any fees for the entire game on the website.
– When you click to download any game you like, it means you agree to our terms and conditions.
– If you have questions about the game, please go to the contact phone support number, we will support as enthusiastic as possible for customers.
– The rates have been specifically announced, so all price disputes are not accepted by us and we do not assume any liability.
– If the player does not agree to pay the fee, please do not click download game or delete the game if you have installed the game in your computer according to the instructions here.
– The games you play are online games, offline games and the payment is entirely decided by the player.
– If you want to go to a new table or buy more weapons, buy items, you must top up or send SMS messages, the price and texting is done by the player.
– In order to reach the condition of using the game for service, the customer must guarantee and undertake not to use it for illegal activities, not to violate the terms and / or terms which prohibit the wallet for example using or connecting to game servers, entertainment software, and game information for crimes. In addition to the terms set out in this policy and other warranties, the customer must again undertake and warrant that, in order to reach the conditions of using the game service: The customer must use its own identity and your name to perform the activity, not a substitute for someone else; User has freedom within the law; Users have not been found to be in forced participation; Customers must understand the loss and risk of money when using the game service; The amount that the customer transfers to the account is not a source of illegal money or comes from other illegal sources, has not been authorized or allowed to operate; the client is not a criminal or other illegal worker, has not been authorized or is inactive and / or intends to take advantage of the opening of an account at Quocthinh.pro to operate according to the above purposes, User must not take advantage of or let others take advantage of the game service or account in game service to use in all regulations prohibiting violation of our laws or all acts. other illegal activities, including but not limited to money laundering; Must keep your name, account and password confidential, prevent unauthorized use or connection, in case of any situation of name, account and password being leaked, password must be changed immediately. or notify us; The customer for his name, account and password connected through the website serving the game and / or the device connecting and using the game server is solely responsible for all activities. , whether the foregoing links and / or uses are known or authorized by the user; Do not use methods that obstruct or interfere with your use of a website serving a game or connected device, entertainment software and game information that interferes with other customers or the website itself. entertain, must not perform acts intended to reduce or possibly reduce the performance of game websites and game services; Not collect or in any other form with intent to obtain in relation to other customers’ materials; Do not propagate or promote harmful viruses, connected devices that are damaged or that affect connection performance and order, entertainment software, game service and / or entertainment website , documents or figures; Customer through the game website and / or connected device to connect or use game service or game information to violate applicable laws for users, and also not to violate to the individual user or the website connecting device currently used to perform contractual acts / agreements with any individual in the country, and also not bound by the said consent contracts. on; Do not use any equipment, machinery, equipment, software, sequence or means (or all objects related to the properties mentioned above) to interfere with or otherwise interfere with entertainment services, connecting devices, entertainment software, entertainment websites, game information and / or trading & normal operation of connected equipment; Not propagate or promote any content that is illegal, disruptive, humiliating, intimidating, contemptuous, disruptive, obscene, cunning, volatile, discriminatory racial, affectionate or vulgar on the game site and / or connecting device or any other client, or could constitute or lead to crime, resulting in civil liability or any form other violations to the legal content; User must not be a microprocessor.

Lastly, we wish you all healthy, happy game play. We love you all